Monday, December 3, 2012

Mail Call! Glossybox and Urban Decay

So today I was super excited for the mail and UPS to arrive because I finally got my Urban Decay box, and my Glossybox! If you're interested in seeing what I got then keep on reading =)

First up we have the November Glossybox! If you're unfamiliar with Glossybox, they are a subscription beauty box. This one is $21 a month, and you get 5 deluxe sample sizes and 1 full sized. I am in love with this subscription service. 

Products are listed from left to right, and all the information is from the card provided:

Perfumies - A solid perfume stick, a perfect travel companion, these slender and elegant sold perfume sticks allow you to touch up your fragrance on the go. These convenient perfume sticks have an all natural base, no preservatives, paraben-free and are never tested on animals. 
So far I like the scent of this little stick, and I love the convenience of it being a little stick. I don't ever bring my perfume with me on the go, and I definitely hate when the scent starts to fade away due to outside smells, and such. If you're into perfume and are looking for a convenient little way to take along your perfume, then this is probably for you!
Arganics by NuMe Argan Oil - A perfect compliment to any hair and skin care regiment, this Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E and other beneficial fatty acids. Non-greast and specially formulated for rapid penetration, the oil brings a whole new level of shine and luster to even the most ravaged and damaged hair and skin.
Now I was able to try this out today and I fell in love with it. I have a review on a NuMe Curling Wand. I really do love NuMe products, but I find them overpriced. For the full size bottle it is $59 for 4 oz. I can go to Sally's and find the same size if not bigger for less than that and it still work the same. 
Illamasqua LTD - Lips & Eye Medium Pencil. Designed to glide over your skin and create a long-lasting highly pigmented finish, this creamy pencil lets you write a different story with every look. Use it to create sultry eyes and sensuous lips. 
I have yet to really try this out, and I know Illamasqua is a pretty good brand. I have a nail polish from them from a previous glossybox and I absolutely love it. So I look forward to trying this out.
Skin&Co Roma - Truffle Serum: Hydro-Toning Day Face Serum. Give your face a boost and slow down the sign of again using this Italian serum infused with Peptides, pur extracts of Tuber Melanosporum and Hyaluronic Acid. Use daily for a brighter, more toned skin. 
Now I have tried this out for a couple days and just love the way it makes me skin feel. It feels more smooth, and definitely softer. It is $36 for 1.01 oz, and I definitely think I will be getting this soon and do a better review on it.
Lierac - Gammage Sensoriel. This unique gel-oil texture scrub transforms into a milk upon contact with damp skin for skin-smoothing, toning, and invigorating exfoliation. A mix of three white flower extracts and four precious botanical oils regenerate and soften the skin. 
It is $30 for 3.5 oz, and this is another product I'll be getting soon too. After trying this out my skin definitely does feel a lot smoother and softer. I love the smell, it's not overpowering like a lot of other face products.

Overall, I love my Glossybox and I will continue to keep my subscription until I move or maybe even after and just have my mother in law send them to me lol. Glossybox is a great subscription service, and although it is a bit pricier than other subscriptions out there, it is well worth it. Like they say, "you get what you pay for" 

Now if you get emails from Urban Decay you'd know that they were have a sale a while back. If you were to buy 2 eyeshadows you'd get the 6 pan Build Your Own Palette for free! Now if you love UD like I do, how could you pass up an opportunity like that! So I took this opportunity and bought 4 shadows and got 2 palettes.

Tease is a matte pale brown. I love using this as my blending color/transition color. It is just a touch lighter than my skin tone.
Freelove is a shimmery golden vibrant peach. I love peachy colors and this just popped out at me.
Peace is a shimmery bright turquoise. I don't own many blue eyeshadows, and I just love the shade of this one. 
Mushroom is a shimmery warm pale gray. Ever since I first started using UD and saw this color I have always wanted it but never gotten around to buying it so I finally got it. 

Now if you don't know about the new UD individual eyeshadows, here's a little bit of info. These aren't ordinary ones. They can be popped out of their casing so that you can place them in the BYOP and create a variety of styles and colors for yourself. I love that they came out with this idea because I hate the work you have to put into depotting shadows when you get them individually. All you do is pop them out of the case and snap them into the palette and you can always switch out your colors and place the palette in your bag and go. Perfect for traveling. 

Here are the swatches of each eyeshadow. Now with the BYOP you get the shade Walk of Shame with it for free. It's a nice matte highlight type of color. I have two of them because of course I got 2 palettes lol. But that is okay because I do like this shade. Walk of Shame is also in the new Basics palette, it's part of UD's Naked line. As you can see Tease matches my skin tone almost perfectly lol. I love the new formula that UD has made for their shadows. They are so buttery smooth and creamy, and very easy to blend in my personal opinion. If you haven't tried out Urban Decay, then I highly recommend that you give them a try. I love them lol. 

I no way shape or form am I sponsored by any brand. I bought this all with my own money and all the opinions are my own. Thanks for taking the time to read and check out my blog. Subscribe for more hauls, reviews, comparisons and much more. Till next time, take care!^_^