Friday, December 23, 2011

The start of a new blog.....

So this is the first time I'll ever have a blog. So to start it off, I wanna say I love makeup! I think everything that can be done with it is absolutely amazing. From a classic smokey eye to a complete makeover transformation. Makeup is a form of art, no matter what anyone says. We females (and some males) take pride in how we can take different colors and compliment our already amazing faces. I am just starting to collect makeup, and I'm not too big on huge name brands. I work with what I have, and get what I want over time. Makeup is never out of style. Companies like to come out with billions of different palettes but they ALWAYS have if not the same then similar colors. I'd rather spend money on the 120 palettes and create my own style. I'm more on the neutral color side, but I am learning to venture into colors and try being more bold lol. I am looking into going to school for cosmetology but right now I just enjoy creating looks and styles on my own. I do watch many youtube gurus and a few of them are huge inspirations in my life when it comes to makeup. Some of them are even inspirations to my every day life. Well, this is to a start to a new makeup blog. I hope I gain some followers and inspire all you beautiful people to venture into the wonders of makeup. I also hope to just shine some sunshine into your lives. I'll be posting my very own reviews on products that I personally love. Until then, take care readers and fellow blogger! Much love, La<3 ^_^

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