Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Lipsticks 2012

So these are my favorite lipsticks to use during fall and also into winter. I've been loving bold lips and recently started gaining the confidence to rock them out. Living in a small town where there's not much focus on fashion and beauty is a bit overwhelming lol. I miss the joys of living in a city where everywhere you turn you see someone rocking a different look. 

So from left to right we have; Freckletone, Peachstock, Ruby Woo, Ruffian Red, Heroine, Rebel, and Tangerine Tango.

I love Ruby Woo the most! Because it's a Retro Matte it has amazing staying power, also who doesn't love to rock a bold red lip, especially during fall =D

Here are the swatches for each color.

Next up we have my drugstore lipsticks. I recently decided to melt them down and place them in these containers. They're save up so much space now which is nice because I hate clutter on my desk lol.

In the first tube from top to bottom we have; L'oreal Fairest Nude, CoverGirl Spellbound, Revlon Berry Haute(#660), Maybelline Wine & Forever, and Revlon Va Va Violet(#663)

The next tube we have; Rimmel by Kate #01, NYX Chic Red, Rimmel by Kate #09, Rimmel #124 Bordeaux, Maybelline #420 Deepest Cherry, and Studio Gear Warm & Cozy. 

Here are the swatches for each color.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and take some inspiration, and rock some gorgeous bold lips for fall! Till next time ^_^


  1. I love those shades for the fall!

    Follow each other?

    1. Sorry it took me forever to reply. but i'm now following you! =) love your blog!