Monday, May 7, 2012

New Makeup Collection Set up

Here's my new set up in my room in AZ :) I got pretty crazy with duct tape lol. If you're interested in seeing how I organize things then keep on reading and enjoy.

In the drawer set to the left, it holds a good majority of my makeup. In the first drawer we have my gel liner, cream shadows, depotted nyx and ud shadow pencils, primers, glitter liners, and mascaras.

In the second drawer I have a good bit of my face products. From highlighters to blushes, foundations to primers, and concealers to setting powders.

In the third drawer I have my less loved lippies lol. I like to try and rotate them with my most used drawer.

Here are my bigger palettes and one of my unii palettes that I have my most used items in.

These are all of my brushes in a glass container from Target and instead of the sephora inspired beads, I used air soft pellets lol. I have a range of Sephora, Sigma, Crown, Real Technique, Sedona Lace, myglam, e.l.f., Crown, and one Makeup Geek Brush.

Here I keep my eyelash curlers, eye pencils, brow pencils, lip pencils, cream shadow pencils, and my UD concealer stick.

In the drawers to the right I keep my smaller palettes in the first drawer.

In the second drawer I have my Coastal Scents Creative Me #1 palette, and my other unii palette along with my mark. palette.

In the third drawer is all my miscellaneous items.

This is my main drawer with my highly used products.

In one of the side drawers of my desk I have all my pigments.

In a bookshelf beside my desk I have all my perfumes, nail treatments, nail tools, skincare products, and hair products.

On my wall I have my nail polish holder that my hubby made for me with my polish collection. I plan on writing a blog on my collection soon so keep an eye out for that one ;)

I just love makeup and creating new looks. Once I finish getting settled in at home I will start making more posts! Till next time, take care ^_^


  1. A wee bit duct tape crazy, eh? lol
    I'm pretty sure you have more than I do now :P

    1. Lol I just wanted to do one thing with the duct tape and then before I knew it I went duct tape crazy. I feel like I don't have enough in some things lol. I think I have a little problem.