Friday, April 27, 2012

April Glam Bag

So this post is going to be on the contents of my April glam bag. I know I'm a little late with this post but I've been super busy. I have a post about how I'll be gone for a bit, but I decided since I finally have a little down time I'd make this post! So if you're interested then keep on reading.....

First, there's the Dermstore Lip Quench. It's a wonderful lip balm for those of us who suffer from dry lips=/ I have been using this item ever since I got this, and so far I love this! It has been helping me with keeping my lips nice and moisturized. I highly recommend this for anyone whether you have dry lips, thin lips, etc.  

Next are the 2 new myglam brushes! One is a simple eyeshadow brush, and an eyeliner brush. They're nice and soft and work really well. Thumbs up from me.

Next are the false lashes, I personally don't rock the falsies since I have issues putting them on lol. But when I tested this out for the first time I fell in love. They're so light and I don't feel like I'm wearing them at all. I also loved that the lashes are fused to the band. 

Lastly the UD 24/7 Eye Pencil in Radium. I was really hoping for Woodstock but I am happy with this either way because I love Urban Decay. They're so nice and creamy but the down side to them is they definitely don't last in the waterline for me. 

Well that's what I got in my April glam bag and I love it! I like how they listened and went to having more makeup in this month's glam bag. I look forward to next month's bag. Till next time, take care^_^


  1. Looks like aprils bag was better than the previous ones.

    1. Oh definitely better. I'm also looking forward to this month's bag. The sneak peeks look pretty good lol. I'm actually looking into getting glossy box now, I'm addicted to subscriptions lol.