Thursday, November 15, 2012

Haul Time! Ross, Sally's, and Target!

So this afternoon I went a little cray cray with my shopping, but it's cool. It's that time to start getting some long sleeves and bulk sweaters! Why? Because I'm moving to Korea soon! Yup, my son and I get to go live with my hubby. Just waiting for some paperwork yay! Anyways, enough rambling onto what I got today!

First stop, Ross! I absolutely love shopping at Ross. Bargains are a mommy's best friend lol. I mean if you shop smart, you'll get the most out of your money. I can't imagine spending so much for just a shirt anymore.

I saw this shirt and fell in love with the color! Since Christmas is just around the corner, I'm starting to get into more reds, and greens! And I don't know why but I'm into the whole cross thing lately. I got this shirt for only $8.99 I think this would be great for a nice casual little outfit or even dress it up a bit. We'll see what I come up with in the future!

I am in LOVE with the whole hi-low trend in shirts. This is a sheer button up, so I pair it up with a black tank top. I love wearing these with a nice pair of skinny jeans and some boots or wedges! This was $13.99

I needed a new pair of skinny jeans because I've been finally losing weight! Yay! It's taken me almost 3 years to start shedding all the weight I gained during pregnancy. Anyways, I tried these on and their the type of jeans that fit like a glove lol. This was $13.99

Next up Target! My favorite place in the world to shop for clothes! I'm practically obsessed with the brand Mossimo. If you were to go through my closet that is practically what makes up 1/2 of my closet lol.

So this is my first ever infinity scarf. I rarely wore scarves but now that the girl in me is finally coming out I am starting to expand my wardrobe lol. This was $19.99

I love turtlenecks! They are just so comfy and keep me nice and toasty in cold weather lol. I chose a nice green color. I am starting to steer away from the normal black and gray colors. Gotta get some variety! This was $19.99 

Next is this comfy red basic pull over that is great to layer over a basic tank top. I have a gray one already so I thought I'd add another color. This was $17.99

I also got a regular basic long sleeve V-neck. You can never go wrong with the basics. With the right accessories and pairings you can always dress it up or down, depending on how you're feeling that day. This was $12.00

I got this nice slightly heavy pull over sweater. I don't own any heavy sweaters and this one is definitely comfy and cozy. It was $24.99

And of course my obsession with shoes took over and I couldn't resist when I saw these! My husband says I have a problem lol. But come on! Shoes are just so amazing! They can make an outfit complete! I don't own and flat boots so when I saw these I prayed they had my size and they did! They are super comfy and simple. This was $34.99

And last but certainly not least, Sally's Beauty Supply. 

First up is the Mane 'n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner. Now there's a good bit of people out there that think this is for horses, but I assure you they are not lol. Actually my brother recommended this to me. I'm trying to grow my hair out, and he says this definitely helped him. My brother's opinion is one I definitely trust so I thought I'd try it out. I will definitely let you know in a month how this works for me. Shampoo and Conditioner were $5.99 each.

Now, I have a HUGE obsession with polishes. I was going to get a full sized bottle of one of the red colors but when I was about to check out I saw the cute mini set of Orly Holiday Polishes and chose that instead! It was $15.99 for the set. Next I grabbed a new Seche Vite Topcoat since mine is getting low, this cost $6.99. I also had to grab a new nail buffer because mine met it's death by dog lol. This was $4.29. Lastly I got eyelash curler refill pads, this was $3.69.

Well that was my haul, I hope you enjoyed reading and get some ideas from my random fashion lol. Soon I plan on doing my updated collection storage of my makeup soon in installments, so look out for that. Until next time! Take care^_^


  1. Wow, so many beautiful things, love the scarf and boots, but all the clothes are great and what a bargain! The cherry from the top is that Orly nail polish collection, beautiful shades!

    1. Thank you! When I saw the mini set I just had to get it lol

  2. Awesome haul! I really love your style!

    New follower, follow back?

    1. Thank you! You'll definitely gain a new follower in me:)

  3. i have that red top!!! good haul! and following you.

  4. thank you! i'm following you now too