Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just a little update

So for those who actually read my blog and are interested in what I do, I just wanted to let you know that I'll be on a little break. I am moving this week and will be packing up my computer soon=/ Oh how will I live?! Lol just kidding, I have a phone =P But once I'm all set up back in AZ I'll be right back to posting! I'll have tons of reviews coming up on Real Technique Brushes, Sonia Kashuk Tinted moisturizer, a re-do of my collection overview since I'll be back in AZ in a different room lol, and tons of new looks. I'm also thinking of starting back up with my YouTube videos but we shall see about that one lol. Well, now I am off to go finish packing, bleh! I tell you, packing feels like it's never ending!!!! Till next time, take care^_^


  1. I wish you an easy moving week and I anxious to your next post!

  2. ahhhh, you got a blog Kaela? I didn't know that, how awesome,just saw it on facebook :D I got one too, in German though :) <3 Lisa

    1. Lisa! I am following yours now :) I use Google Chrome so it translates it for me<3