Friday, April 6, 2012

Makeup Collection: Overview

This my makeup collection overview. I previously posted this but decided to rearrange things so I am re-doing it. If you're interested then keep on reading....

Starting with what's on top of the desk. Here I have makeup removers, setting sprays, fix+, brushes ranging from sigma to e.l.f. to sedona lace to crown brushes, and of course my beauty blender! I love that little pink sponge lol.

Next we have my various palettes, travel brushes, and eyelash curlers.

The up top is all of my skincare items, perfumes, lotions, and beauty blender cleaner.

This is my center draw that is home to all of my makeup. Lipsticks, bronzers, blushes, primers, powders, foundations, pigments, concealers, cream shadows, bases and gel liners.

This is the right drawer that stores all of my mascara, eye liners, lip pencils, glosses, glitter liners, eye shadow sticks, brow powder, brow pencils, random eos lip balm, and one cream liner.

This is the drawer on the left that holds all of my miscellaneous items. Such as tape, brush guards, tweezers, razors, extras, scissors, etc.

Well that is my collection overview. I'll be doing an in depth series on everything starting with the palettes. Till next time, take care! ^_^

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