Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So today I got 2 packages! One from USPS and the other from UPS, these made me an extremely happy person today lol. If you're interested in seeing what I got then keep on reading....

I got a ton of goodies lol, at least to me it's a ton. In a recent swap I was able to score the Nars Danmari "All about Cheeks" Blush Palette! Then I decided to also try out another Nars blush from Sephora, luckily they had a VIB code for a Nars Travel Sized Trio. Of course I got some samples that I have been wanting to try out. In the trio you get, a Nars Laguna Bronzer, Illuminator in Copacabana, and a Nars Eyeshadow Base. 

Lets start with the samples. I chose the Dior Hydra Life BB Cream. BB Creams originated in Asia. Basically it is a Foundation and Moisturizer Cream in one. I tried it out and now I am in LOVE with it. Many companies are now coming out with BB Creams. To name a few there's Too Faced, Smashbox, Clinque, Dior, Boscia, etc. You can find them at Sephora. I am definitely getting the Dior full sized tube. Next I got the Nars tinted moisturizer. With summer coming up I am definitely looking into tinted moisturizers instead of normal foundations. Lastly I got a Ouidad Leave In Conditioner. Now I have never tried any leave in conditioners besides my Wen sample from MyGlam. I am definitely looking forward to giving this a try.

Now on to the Nars goodies :)

We have the Nars Danmari Palette. Oh this was love at first sight. I am just getting into blushes and this was a smart investment for me. I love blush palettes, I own 1 coastal scents and 1 bh cosmetics one. Then there's the Laguna Bronzer and the Exhibit A Blush.

Hungry Heart is a nice little highlight color. It's a creamy yellowish tint with gold shimmers.
Orgasm, we all know what this looks like, it's one of the famous Nars blushes. It a nice peachy pink shade with gold shimmer.
Desire is a bright pink cotton candy shade.
Exhibit A is a bright red color. 
Casino is a nice dark brown bronzer again with gold shimmer.
Super Orgasm is a peachy pink shade with gold glitter.
Sin is a berry shade with gold shimmer.
Laguna is a lighter brown shade with gold shimmer
Copacabana is a nice pearly shimmery illuminator.

Now the reason I have a new love for Nars, the colors are so nicely pigmented. Yes they are at first a bit scary because they're so pigmented but they blend out so well and give you that nice touch of color to the cheeks. They have a nice soft feel to them, they don't have a massive powdery feeling to them like some blushes do. Now the packaging feels all rubbery on the outside, so it tends to get a lot more dirty and catches oils easily, but they're very durable. 

Well I hoped you enjoyed this little haul. Till next time ^_^

Packaging: 4 out of 5
Pigmentation: 5 out of 5
Blend ability: 4 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Will definitely buy more and again.

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