Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review Time! Sigma Mr. Bunny Black Essential Kit

A couple weeks ago I received my Sigma Mr. Bunny Brush Kit, and wanted to wait a couple weeks of use to do this review. This kit costs, $109 online at www.sigmabeauty.com. This product is definitely worth the price in my opinion. If you'd like to know why I think that then keep on reading^_^

You get 2 Sigma Brush Cup Holder in Black that stack into a travel case for your brushes. You get a total of 12 brushes. They come protected by their little plastic guards and wrapped up for extra protection. These brushes are so soft to the touch. I was afraid to wash them because I didn't want them to lose that softens, but they were just fine after their first wash. They have the new Sigmax HD bristles, these were made so that you can apply flawless makeup and they don't absorb any extra product. Another wonderful thing about these brushes are that they are Vegan Friendly!!

You get 5 face brushes in this kit.

Information from www.sigmabeauty.com

F30 Large Powder Brush I love using this brush for my setting powder. It applies the product so well and doesn't mess up my foundation.
F40 Large Angled Contour Brush I love to use this to contour my face, it gives it a nice blended finish and doesn't make my contours look fake.
F50 Duo Fibre This is designed to give you that airbrushed finish when used. I use this to stipple on both my cream and powder blushes.
F60 Foundation Brush Everyone knows what this brush is for lol. I use this on occassion to apply my foundation. The wonderful thing about this brush is that it doesn't make it look streaky like most foundation brushes do.
F70 Concealer Brush And of course this brush is used to apply your concealer. Applying concealer with this brush in a patting motion gives you that flawless under eye look.

Face Brushes L-R: F70, F60, F50, F40, and F30

You also get 7 eye brushes in this kit.

E05 Eyeliner Brush The name says it all. This brush is stiff enough to give you that nice liner look. Whether it be an thick wing of a slim close to the lashes line. I definitely use this brush a lot for my gel liner.
E30 Pencil Brush Now I have the other original pencil brush from sigma and hands down the Mr Bunny one is the best! It is stiff to get that nice cut crease look and soft enough to lightly blend out shadows in the lower lash line.
E40 Tapered Blending Brush Ahh blending, a girl's BESTFRIEND! lol I have a random rant about blending but we will not get into that right now. This brush is definitely ideal for blending out crease, outer V, and brow bone shadows. It's nice and dense so you can lightly blend out products.
E55 Eye Shading Brush This brush is best used to apply shadow to the lids of course lol. It's stiff enough to pack on the shadows for a nice intense lid.
E60 Large Shader Brush This is best for those cream shadows applied to the lid. It won't pick up too much product. Or you can use this with Fix+ or some type of mixing medium for that nice foil look on the lids.
E65 Small Angle Brush Another great liner brush. I use this for a nice winged out liner because it gives that perfect flick at the end for me.
E70 Medium Angled Shading Brush I love this brush for blending out my crease colors. The angle gives you that wonderful blend from inner to outer.

Eye Brushes from L-R: E70, E65, E60, E55, E40, E30, and E05

Now for spending $30 or more you get a free gift. I was lucky enough to get the travel size of the E25 Blending Brush. Hands down an AMAZING blending brush. I am going to purchase the full sized one soon:) I hope you enjoyed this review, and found it helpful. It's always a great idea to splurge on your makeup brushes for a reasonable splurge price lol. Makeup brushes can last you a good couple of years as long as you properly take care of them. I'll do a post on how I care for my brushes soon. I just gotta bribe my husband into taking the pictures for me lol. Well until next time^_^

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Price: $$$
Overall: 5 out of 5
Will definitely buy again if needed!


  1. I was afraid of mine not being soft after washing too, but from what i'm told you don't have that issue with synthetic bristles. Makes me a fan of synthetic for sure.

    1. I'm a fan of synthetic brushes for life lol

  2. im just looking at buying a new sigma set and this one looks very good! great review!! :D